Fan Music for World of Warcraft

by Shane Wegner

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    So, before World of Warcraft was in beta, I wanted to take a guess at what the music for it would sound like. I had already been a huge fan of the other Warcraft games so I knew the world pretty well. I think somewhere deep inside I hoped if we made good enough music they'd put it in the game! Ha! Young lads can dream. All told this music is super primitive. We had graduated from using the Korg Triton completely (To go back that far we'd have to dig up Dismana or something), but given how long ago it was I'm surprised the songs came up this well.

    Anyway, here is my guess at what Stormwind, Undercity, and Molten Core would sound like. All told some of them were in the ballpark!

    The picture for this album is of Marlan Darksbane, the paladin I play in WoW, and was drawn by the talented Xero Reynolds.

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released October 10, 2003

Shane Wegner
Paul Marino
Jon Sack



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Track Name: Shane's Night Elf Song
"Ah, greetings my friend! What's that? You wish to hear a song? I will sing you a song that is as old as Teldrassil itself. This song harkens back to the days when Ysera first called all the night elf men into her Emerald Dream after the first coming of the Burning Legion to our world"

Harken there, ye child of Elune
Her children all are we
Her daughters guarding the forests on high
Her sons in their barrows they dream

Ten thousand years Mt. Hyjal has stood
Its crown the World Tree
Yet deep beneath each barrow and wood
We slept in the Emerald Dream

The Druids of the Bear were also there
So too were the Druids of the Crow
Though where the Storm Winds will carry them
Is not for us to know

We wake once more, our task as before
To guard the sacred tree
And settle scores, though the World be at War,
My Owl, my Panther, and Me.